About Us

About Us

The Monroe Police Department has 175 years of history and proud service to the citizens of Monroe. Created in 1837, the Monroe Police Department constantly strives to maintain the highest possible level of service. With modern technology and innovative training, the Monroe Police Department continues as a leader in law enforcement.

In 2010 the Monroe Police Department began the transition to a Public Safety Department sending twelve officers to the fire academy. The first ever Public Safety Officers officially began duty on August 24, 2011.

The heart of the department is the uniform road patrol. These officers work twelve hour shifts, providing 24 hour police coverage. Supplementing the road patrol are several specialized areas which officers can apply for. These areas include:

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force
  • School Resource Officer
  • Detective Bureau
  • Juvenile Officer
  • Honor Guard
  • Evidence Tech
  • Bicycle Officer
  • Marine Unit
  • AIT
  • Dive Team
  • Arson Investigation
  • Community Officer Program

We have road officers qualified as Evidence Technicians, Accident Specialists, Firearms Instructors, Taser Instructors , Bicycle Officers, and Marine Unit Officers.

The department is currently housed in a facility shared with the Monroe County Sheriff Department. The facility includes a weight room, indoor shooting range, and training room. It is located in the heart of downtown Monroe, adjacent to City Hall and the Courthouse.

Patrol cars are computer equipped, giving officer’s LEIN access and the ability to communicate with any police agency in Monroe County. Reports are computer generated and the police station has Internet Capability. Photographic evidence is caught on digital cameras and officers use both radar and laser. These are just a few of the technological advancements in use by the Department.

To check to see if we are hiring and submit an application or for more information, please contact our Human Resources Office.