City Council

City Council

The City Council is comprised of 7 elected members - the Mayor and 6 Council members. In addition, the Clerk-Treasurer is also an elected position representing the constituency. The City of Monroe is divided into 7 precincts with residents from various precincts elected to represent their area on the Council. Each Council member serves a 2-year term. All seats are up for re-election with each voting cycle. The City of Monroe has a City Council/City Manager form of government.

Duties of the Mayor and City Council include:

  • Exclusively hold and exercise all policy forming and legislative functions and all powers and rights relative to control of city property.

  • Declare and define, either through ordinance or resolution, all general practices and principles relative to the conduct of City services.

  • Study problems, review alternatives, and determine the best course of public policy.

  • Adopts goals and objectives for the entire city and establishes those with priorities. These goals and objectives will ultimately be reflected as values as they become expressed in the final budget that is a collaborated project between City departments under the direction of the City Manager.

  • Establishes policies using tools including the adoption of the Capital Improvement Budget and the annual operating budget; adoption of goals and objectives; establishment of priorities for public services; and approval of programs throughout the city.

  • Ratify contracts, approve zoning ordinances and changes, and resolves various types of appeals.

  • Responsible for the arbitration of conflicting interests, which sometimes arise during the course of conducting City business.

  • Appoints the City Manager as the chief administrative officer of the City

  • Appoints the Director of Finance as the chief financial officer.


City Council Goals and Objectives can also be found in a more simplified document style PDF version here.