Historic District Commission

Historic District Commission

Staff Contact: Jeffrey Green, AICP, Planning Director, Historic Preservation Officer

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The mission of the Historic District Commission is to build strong local preservation through education, training and advocacy for historic landmarks and districts, for the residents and visitors to Monroe to foster civic appreciation.

Preservation of Historic Architecture, Landmarks and Sites in the City of Monroe

As Michigan's 3rd oldest community, Monroe has an abundance of historic buildings, structures and sites that define its identity and character. As early as 1901, information on historic buildings was compiled. In 1978, the city completed a comprehensive historic survey identifying 3,352 buildings and structures and nearly 100 sites pre-dating 1930. In 1998, three nationally recognized historic districts were established, including its central business district. Other areas encompass a War of 1812 Battlefield; sacred places; monuments; cemeteries and cultural landscapes including those from Monroe's French Colonial Period.

To properly manage locally designated historic resources in the City of Monroe, a Historic District Commission (HDC) was established in 1989 with the purpose of addressing issues of public policy related to the city's historic district program. The seven person commission is appointed by the Mayor and meets on a quarterly basis to address historic objectives under the following six (6) categories:

  • Project Review/Permit Approval
  • Special Projects
  • Goals of the Commission
  • Commission Training/Conferences
  • Community Education/Workshops
  • Target Activities

Commissioners have the responsibility to review plans for locally designated buildings using the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation as a guide for building alterations. These include exterior changes; new additions or construction; or demolition. The commission provides project guidance and/or technical advice to any resident seeking to improve older, historic structures regardless of the designation status of their home or property. Technical support and assistance is provided by the Historic Preservation Planner and Planning Office staff.


The Historic District Commission is made up of seven members nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the City Council. Members are residents of the City of Monroe and include representatives of locally designed historic districts, professionals in the field of historic preservation, architects, and local historical organizations.

Barry Egen, Chairman
James Johnson, Vice-Chairman
Audie Bates
Scott Kish
Chris Kull
Paula Whitman, City Council Liaison

The Commission meets quarterly on the third Wednesday of the designated month at 7:00 pm at City Hall. A call to City Hall (734) 243-0700 can also confirm meeting dates and times.