First Street Road Closure

East First Street Road Closure
Posted on 09/01/2023
East First Street Road Closure
East First Street will be closed from Loranger Square (Washington Street) to Macomb Street, including both intersections, beginning Monday, August 21.  Water main replacement (08/21 - 09/10) and concrete paving of street, sidewalks and curbs will require the road be completely closed from Monroe to Macomb Streets throughout the project, expected to last through at least early October.

This closure will affect traffic that frequently uses First Street to access destinations including Monroe City Hall, Monroe County Courthouse, Monroe County Administrative Offices, Dorsch Library and more. 

For a visual overview of the below closure information, please see the map linked below.

•  Loranger Square will also be closed to vehicle traffic in all directions.
•  First Street will be completely closed to vehicle traffic from Loranger Square to just west of Macomb Street.
•  First Street from Monroe to Loranger Square will be open to local traffic and parking only, and vehicles must exit through the alley to the south next to Dorsch Library.
•  Washington Street from Second to First will be open to local traffic and parking only.
•  Washington Street will also be closed at First / Loranger Square, which will require temporary two-way traffic between First and Front and will be open to local traffic and parking only.
•  The alley east of Monroe Street will be signed as one-way southbound throughout the project, and traffic must exit to Second Street.
•  The alley between Washington and Macomb Streets will be open to local traffic only, as the outlet at First Street will be closed.

Additionally, because of the closure, Lake Erie Transit will be relocating their transfer station to the parking lot located north of First Street, between Macomb and Scott Streets for the duration of the entire project.

Pedestrian access will be maintained as much as safely possible, but pedestrians should consider using Second Street for access to the buildings.  Pedestrians should be able to use sidewalks on both sides of First Street during this phase, but will not be able to cross at Loranger Square in any direction, so crossing will be relocated to Monroe and Macomb Streets.

Thanks to a roads and trails millage passed by residents in November 2020, travelers can expect to see a greater than average number of projects commencing and continuing throughout the season.

Residents can find updated road reports with current projects via the link below.

Please contact the City of Monroe Engineering and Public Services Department at 734-384-9126 or 734-384-9125 with any questions or concerns.