City Attorney

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Matthew D. Budds
Mohr Budds Law, PLLC
12 W. First Street, P.O. Box 904
Monroe, MI 48161

City Attorney

The City Attorney, Matthew D. Budds, partner at Mohr Budds Law, PLLC, administers and provides for the delivery of legal services to the City of Monroe, including the Mayor and City Council, the various departments, administrators, employees, boards and entities that comprise the Municipal Corporation of the City of Monroe.

The City receives legal services from a corporate counsel that is contracted from a law firm. The duties and responsibilities of this legal service provider is determined either by the Charter of the City of Monroe, Michigan, Codified Ordinances of Monroe, Michigan , or as assigned by Mayor or the City Manager. Some of the responsibilities of the Office of City Attorney include:

  • Acts as legal advisor to the Municipal Corporation of the City of Monroe, which includes the Mayor, Council Members, City Manager, Department Heads, and their staff concerning legal positions, development and review of contracts and agreements, real property related issues, labor related issues, ordinance preparation and implementation, document interpretation and development, environmental law (i.e. brownfield issues, Clean Water Act, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit), and civil litigation. 
  • Answers inquires from the Mayor, Council Members, City Manager, Department Heads, and their staff concerning legal issues that affect the City of Monroe, as well as legal positions taken by the City of Monroe, and the issuing of legal opinions.

  • Researches, drafts, and provides advice and information concerning the City Charter, Ordinances, Resolutions, and other information necessary to the legislative process of the City of Monroe.

  • Attends City Council meetings, City Council Work Sessions, and any other legislative or quasi judicial meeting as required.

  • Prosecutes all City of Monroe Ordinance violations, including misdemeanor offenses, civil infraction offenses, and municipal civil infraction offenses.

  • Coordinates with legal counsel retained through the Michigan Municipal League Property and Liability Insurance Pool when the City of Monroe is named as a Defendant in a civil lawsuit for which legal defense is provided by insurance contract.

  • Reviews claims for compensation and damages made against the City of Monroe that aren’t administered by an attorney assigned by the City’s insurance carrier, and recommends a suitable disposition for those claims.

  • Represents the City of Monroe in administrative proceedings and hearings, such as Dangerous Building Hearings, and Post Deprivation of Residential Rights Hearings concerning Condemned Residential Structures.

  • 24-hour liaison with the Monroe Police Department to provide information and feedback concerning the authorization of drunk driving blood draw search warrants and providing legal opinions and expertise concerning police-legal issues.

  • Liaison with the Monroe County Court System, Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office, Monroe Sheriff’s Department, Michigan State Police, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as other Monroe County, State and Federal Agencies to insure that matters of mutual concern are given maximum attention and handled in the best interests of the City of Monroe.

  • Liaison with the Police Department Training Officer regarding criminal justice and legal issues for the continuing education and training of police officers.

  • Provides legal opinions concerning Freedom of Information Act related issues, as requested.

  • Provides assistance to the various municipal advisory boards, commissions, and committees.

  • Member of the Board of Review for matters that involved property tax assessment challenges.

  • Member of the Monroe Municipal Building Authority.