Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection


The Department of Public Services performs regular street sweeping on all City streets and state highways within our boundaries except Interstate 75.  The Street Sweeping program, however, is intended to address only those leaves falling naturally within the roadway from City trees, and is not intended to collect leaves raked from private properties, including the lawn frontage along the street. Residents may allow leaves to remain on their yards when mowed and mulched as fertilizer (preferred) but may also utilize biodegradable paper bags or reusable trash cans with stickers identifying them as yard waste (available for free at City Hall) and place them by the curb for collection.

For information on these and other overall yard waste collection guidelines, please visit our Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste page. The City of Monroe generally distributes yard waste bags free to residents beginning the second week of October each year, while supplies last. At other times of the year, due to lower volumes of generated yard waste, residents are expected to supply their own bags and / or use trash cans.

Residents should note that it is illegal to rake leaves into the roadway and if performed, may subject the individual to billed cleanup costs, civil infractions, or both.

All leaf collection activities are funded through the City’s Refuse millage.