Press Releases

Press Releases

News Releases

The Office of Communications regularly sends out news releases about city events and initiatives. Read and subscribe to our latest full Press Releases in the document container below, or check out our short news briefs found on the front page of the web site.  Email us to sign up to receive news releases by e-mail.

Please note: In 2022, we updated our press release format to consist of more frequent email distribution in newsletter form, as opposed to the pdf documents referenced below.  PDFs will still occasionally be added to the website, but please contact us via the email link above to be added to our distribution list for more frequent updates.

Media Inquiries

All inquiries from the media should be directed to the Communications Department at (734) 384-9134 or by email for response. The most knowledgeable and informed city employee on a particular issue is the best city spokesperson. The Communications department works with city staff to determine the best person to address the subject of the inquiry, and assists in arranging contacts and interviews for staff with the media.