Traffic Signals

Traffic Signals

Traffic Signals

The Engineering and Public Services Department handles timing and maintenance of traffic signals at City-owned intersections, and depending on the situation, can sometimes respond to emergency situations along state highways until MDOT can arrive. City-operated traffic signals are located at the following intersections:

  • N. Dixie Hwy. / E. Elm Ave. / Winchester St.
  • N. Dixie Hwy. / E. Noble Ave.
  • N. Dixie Hwy. / Ternes Dr.
  • E. Elm Ave. / N. Macomb St.
  • W. Elm Ave. / N. Roessler St.
  • W. ElmAve. / Custer Dr. (Bentley)
  • W. Front St. / S. Roessler St.

All other signalized intersections within the City limits are operated by either MDOT or the Monroe County Road Commission, depending on the jurisdiction of the primary roadway. 

During power outages, the City does NOT post stop signs at signalized intersections, in keeping with strict guidance from MDOT for consistency with their policies, and to eliminate the possibility of motorists getting conflicting messages with the power returns. 

To report an issue at one of the City-owned intersections, please follow the reporting link below.  For signal issues on US-24, M-125, or M-50, please contact, MDOT at their Brighton office at 810-227-4681. For signal issues along other roadways not listed above, please contact the Monroe County Road Commission at 734-240-5100.

For new signal requests, removal requests, or a change in phasing, such as left turn protection, City Council approval is necessary. These requests are routed through the Mayor’s Traffic Committee, which will review and refer items to the City Council for approval. To place an item on the Traffic Committee agenda, please contact the Engineering Department for further information.

Downed or dark signals that are an immediate threat to public safety, should be referred to Monroe County Central Dispatch immediately at 734-241-3300.