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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When will you take care of my reported issue?

Depending on the type of concern reported, your issue may be addressed in days, weeks or months. In some cases, we have to adhere to a process of notifying property owners by certified mail that can take a significant amount of time. In other cases, we simply prioritize the concerns that come in based on the impact to public safety.

2. You closed my issue but it's not fixed. Why?

In many cases, we won't be able to fix your concern right away. We may close your service request after we have taken the initial steps in the resolution process, especially if it will take considerable time to resolve. But we notify you of that process and how we intend to address your concern.

3. Why isn't my issue a priority?

We prioritize concerns along with our project list to make sure we are getting the best value when we send crews out to do work. Sometimes, we will make a list of repairs in an area before we head out to make them. Other times, there are slower times of the year, generally over the winter, when we can address minor issues.

4. Should I submit emergencies using the app?

No. Although MyMonroe is a great tool for most requests, it isn't intended for reporting emergency issues that need to be addressed immediately. If the issue you are reporting is a public safety emergency, please call 911.

5. Does MyMonroe track my location?

Whenever you open and interact with the MyMonroe app on your mobile device, the location information from your mobile device is used to tailor the experience to your current location. This information is NOT published or shared with others. The app saves that specific location information until the next time you do something in the app, at which time the old location information is deleted from your mobile device and replaced with your most recent location information. Your location data is only shared when you decide to proactively report an issue.

6. Can I enter a service request / report without adding a media file, such as a photo, video or audio file?

Yes! Your service request can be submitted without adding a media file, such as a photo, video or audio file. Simply skip the “Add photos, videos, or audio” section and hit Submit.

7. What devices can I use to submit a request?

MyMonroe On The Go can be used through the mobile app, in a web browser and tablet devices.

8. Do I have to register, I want to remain anonymous?

Yes, registration is required in order to use the application. However, you can create an account with just initials for a username and with a seldom used email address.

9. Why is my location not found?

You may have to enable your GPS on your phone.

10. How do I check the status of a request?

When an issue is reported, your report goes right into the City of Monroe's work management system and is distributed to the appropriate department for resolution. When the issue is updated, you can see the update right away on the Service Requests > My Requests Tab within the mobile app. To view the status of submitted reports online, visit the Track Request page. Please note that only recently reported issues will be displayed. Also, some requests, especially those filed under the “other” category, may not fit neatly into the existing work management system. As such, there may be some delay or gap in reports displaying resolution.

11. Can I create a new report using my tablet device, such as an iPad?

Yes!  However, many tablet devices don't have a true GPS and instead use Wi-Fi triangulation, which pulls locations based on the number of mapped Wi-Fi hotspots. This set-up can result in less accurate location information in certain areas. A use must confirm location before submitting a report. During this step, the user can correct inaccurate location information captured by the device hardware.

12. Does this app work for requests outside of the City of Monroe?

It depends of the type of issue you are requesting service for.  The City of Monroe Water Department services customers outside of the city boundaries.  Hence, water issues of various types can be filed outside of City limits.  For all other issue types, MyMonroe On The Go and the online service request system is designed specifically for City of Monroe issues and requests. The app is powered by a program called CitySourced, which provides tools and services for locations across the country. To learn more about their other mobile and online reporting tools, visit

13. How can I view all issues reported using MyMonroe within the City of Monroe?

On the mobile app, click on the “menu” tab> Service Requests > Nearby Requests to show recent reports and nearby requests that have been submitted. To view the status of submitted reports online, visit the Report An Issue page, accessible for the City of Monroe's home page. Only recently reported issues will be displayed, and the map only shows those items that are reported using MyMonroe.  Issues that were submitted over the phone, in person, or by letter will not be displayed.

14. Can users be removed from the system for abuse?

Yes, users that are abusing the system by uploading inappropriate content can be banned from using it.

15. What happens if I don’t have cell service / coverage but want to report something?

Cell service is required to submit a request using the mobile app. However, the mobile app allows users to store reports and send them once mobile access is restored.

16. How do I report a problem encountered on the MyMonroe mobile app?

You can report your problem though the mobile app by going to Settings > Report a Bug. You can also report the problem to CitySourced online using the following link: